Working with a digital marketing agency is a convenient and cost-effective way of running your business. They not only help you align your goals for success, but they also give you recommendations for some of the marketing strategies that work. If you are thinking of engaging a marketing agency for your business, some of the questions you must ask them are as follows.

How Much Will They Charge?

It is important to discuss budgets and costs from the onset. Please make sure you get into details of how much they will charge for every service they offer. Ask about whether there are any hidden charges, and how the payments are to be made. Some agencies will demand upfront payment, while others will come up with a payment plan over some time.

What Skills are They Bringing?

You need to understand the skills and talents that the agency has so that you can decide if their skills are what your business needs. Some of the skills you should be looking out for include social media management, web design, app development and others that will help your business grow faster.

Who Are Some of Their Clients?

It is essential to know some of the people who have worked with the marketing agency so that you get a rough idea of how the agency performs. Ask them to give you a list of people/companies that they work with and then go to these companies’ websites and check out if they have achieved what you are looking for.

What New Technology Are They Using?

A good marketing agency should move with the trends and embrace the use of new technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistants and different techniques that make work easier. If they have not yet embraced technology, chances are that they will not help you fulfill your mandate.